Students by RML

Ph.D. Students


  1. Yifeng He, “Optimization methods for video streaming in distributed communication networks”, oral defense passed: April 2008, the first PhD conferred by a graduate program solely run by Ryerson University, (Postdoctoral Fellow, Ryerson University).
  2. Matthew J. Kyan, “Unsupervised learning through dynamic self-organization: Implications for microbiological image analysis”, degree awarded: October 2007 (Research Associate, Ryerson University).
  3. Ivan Lee, “Distributed streaming video and content retrieval over collaborative networks”, degree awarded: August 2005 (Assistant Professor, Ryerson University).
  4. Jonathon Randall, “Unsupervised digital image segmentation with neural networks and perceptually inspired visual features”, degree awarded: January 2005 (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Sydney).
  5. Jose Lay, “Concept-based retrieval of images and audiovisual documents”, degree awarded: November 2003 (Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRO Sydney, Australia).
  6. Richard Green, “Quantifying and recognizing human movement patterns form monocular video images”, degree awarded: July 2003 (Senior Lecturer, University of Canterbury, New Zealand).
  7. Paisarn Muneesawang, “Retrieval of image/video content by adaptive machine and user interaction”, degree awarded: February 2003 (Assistant Professor, Naresuan University, Thailand).
  8. Kim Yap, “Blind techniques for signal separation and image deconvolution”, degree awarded: January 2002 (Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore).
  9. Gajendra Sisodia, “Digital video transmission over ATM networks”, degree awarded: August 2000 (Research Engineer, Nortel Canada).
  10. Songyang Yu, “Computer-assisted diagnosis of breast cancer: Detection of microcalcifications in digital mammograms”, degree awarded: August 1999 (Research Engineer, Cedara Software, Canada).
  11. Hau-San Wong, “Adaptive image processing by computational intelligence techniques”, degree awarded: March 1999 (Assistant Professor, City University, Hong Kong).
  12. Stuart Perry, “Adaptive image restoration: Perception-based modeling and neural network implementation”, degree awarded: February 1999 (Senior Research Engineer, Canon Information Systems Research, Sydney, Australia).
  13. Haosong Kong, “A self-organizing tree map for image filtering and segmentation”, degree awarded: February 1999 (Senior Engineer, OmniVision Technology, Inc, San Jose, USA).

In Progress

  1. Adrian Bulzacki, “Human hand gesture recognition in an augmented virtual environment”, expected completion; August 2012.
  2. Muhammad Talal Ibrahim, “Medical image analysis”, expected completion: Jan 2012.
  3. Neil Joshi, “Noise robust ASR using missing data techniques”, expected completion: Sep 2008.
  4. Thambu Kuganeswaran (co-supervisor), “Video streaming over distributed communication networks”, expected completion: Sep 2011.
  5. Yun Tie, “Bimodal human emotion recognition”, expected completion: Jan 2010.
  6. Chun Hao Wang, “Recognition of human movement and skills”, expected completion: Sep 2009.
  7. Hao Wen (co-supervisor), “Agent behaviors in an artificial society”, expected completion: Sep 2009.
  8. Ning Zhang, “Video content analysis and retrieval”, expected completion: Jan 2011.
  9. Rui Zhang, “Content-based image analysis and retrieval”, expected completion: Sep 2009.

Masters Students


  1. Adrian Bulzachi, “Advanced human-robot interaction system based on human communication recognition”, degree awarded, January 2008 (PhD Candidate & Research assistant, RML, Ryerson).
  2. Kambiz Jarrah, “Automatic relevance feedback in multimedia indexing and retrieval”, degree awarded, October 2006 (Mobile application developer, Vortxt Interactive, Inc, Toronto, Canada).
  3. Yun Jia (co-supervisor), “Bone fracture detection using active contour model with prior shape”, degree awarded October 2006).
  4. Yupeng Li, “An effective shape descriptor for content based image retrieval”, degree awarded: February 2006 (System Analyst, Bank of Montreal).
  5. Ming Du, “Tracking human motion in monocular video sequences with the DE-MC particle filter”, degree awarded: May 2005 (PhD Candidate, University o f Maryland).
  6. Yongjin Wang, “Bimodal human emotion recognition”, degree awarded: February 2005 (PhD Candidate, University of Toronto).
  7. Syed Quadri, “Indexing American football (NFL) video using MPEG-7 descriptors and MFCC features”, degree awarded: October 2004 (System Analyst, Intel).
  8. Colin Huang, “Transporting streaming media over IP using RTP”, degree awarded: May 2004 (Senior Analysist, CIBC).
  9. Tahir Amin, “Application of Laplacian mixture model to image and video retrieval”, degree awarded: February 2004 (PhD Candidate, University of Toronto).
  10. Triet H. Lai, “Video coding algorithms using 3-D transforms and vector quantization”, degree awarded: July 2002.
  11. Oliver Bao, “Adaptive video parsing”, degree awarded: July 2002 (CTO, Depth Analysis, Sydney).
  12. Muhammud Waqas Bhatti, “Bimodal human emotion recognition,” degree awarded: August 2001 (System Analyst, Mash Australia, Sydney).
  13. Howard Lee, “A computer-assisted system for diagnosing neurological disorder”, degree awarded: January, 2001 (Assistant Lecturer, University of Central Queensland Sydney Campus).
  14. Anthony Quack, “Mixed signal/image processing for the detection of land vehicles”, degree awarded: December 2000 (Professional Officer, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia).
  15. Yiding Wen, “Detecting microcalcifications in digital mammogram films by a computer aid diagnostic system,” degree awarded: May 2000 (PhD Candidate, University of Sydney).
  16. Rui Chang, “Video image analysis of gait for diagnosing movement disorders,” degree awarded: February, 1998 (Business Manager, IBM Hong Kong).
  17. Andrew Cheng, “Resolve local minima and storage capacity problems in associative memory networks,” degree awarded: April 1997 (General Manager, Baltimore Pty Limited Hong Kong Office).
  18. Xiliang Zhou, “Image filtering and restoration by quadratic programming using a vector processing algorithm,” degree awarded: March 1996.
  19. Chinpang Leung, “Neurological disorders analysis using fuzzy logic,” degree awarded: March 1996.
  20. Howard Wong, “An investigation of digital signal processors for 3D sonar image analysis,” degree awarded: January 1999.
  21. Jason Hsieh, “Implementation of encoder and decoder for a 3D video coding system,” degree awarded: March 1999.

In Progress

  1. Nan Dong, “Human hand gesture recognition”, expected completion: Aug 2009.
  2. Yingbo Xu, “Vision guided robot navigation”, expected completion: Jun 2009.

Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates

  1. Yifeng He, Postdoctoral Fellow, 03/2008 – current. Dr. He is with Ryerson University.
  2. Matthew J. Kyan, Research Associate, 04/2007 – current. Dr. Kyan is with Ryerson University.
  3. Paisarn Muneesawang, Research Associate, 04/2007 – 06/2007. Dr. Muneesawang is an assistant professor at Naresuan University, Thailand.
  4. Jonathon Randall, Postdoctoral Fellow, 09/2004 – 05/2005, Dr. Randall is a postdoctoral fellow at University of Sydney, Australia.
  5. Paisarn Muneesawang, Postdoctoral Fellow, 10/2003 – 07/2004. Dr. Muneesawang is an assistant professor at Naresuan University, Thailand.
  6. Jose Lay, Research Associate, 01/2002 – 08/2004. Dr. Lay is a postdoctoral fellow at CSIRO Australia.
  7. Richard Green, Research Associate, 02/2002 – 01/2003. Dr. Green is a senior lecturer at University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
  8. Songyang Yu, Postdoctoral Fellow, 08/1999 – 08/2000. Dr. Yu is a research engineer at Cedara Software, Canada.
  9. Hau-San Wong, Postdoctoral Fellow, 01/1999 – 12/2000. Dr. Wong is an assistant professor at City University of Hong Kong.

Other HQP

  1. Raniero Romagnoli, Research Assistant, 01 – 12/1997.
  2. Jun Qiu, Visiting Scholar, 07 – 09/1999.
  3. Howard Lee, Research Assistant, 08/2000 – 10/2002.
  4. Danilo Mele, Research Assistant, 11/2002 – 06/2003.
  5. Alessandro Petrera, Research Assistant, 11/2002 – 06/2003.
  6. Tahir Amin, Research Assistant, 01-09/2004.
  7. Kambiz Jarrah, NSERC Summer Research Assistant, 05-08/2003.
  8. Pedram Varjavandi, Summer Research Assistant, 05-08/2003.
  9. Meifeng Lian, NSERC Summer Research Assistant, 05-08/2004.
  10. Wattanaporn Rujiwattanaphong, Research Assistant, 11/2004-02/2005.
  11. Mingmei Diao, Research Technologist, 09/2003 – 04/2006.
  12. Yongjin Wang, Research Assistant, 01/2005 – 08/2005.
  13. Ming Du, Research Assistant, 05/2005 – 07/2006.
  14. Meifeng Lian, NSERC Summer Research Assistant, 05 – 08/2005.
  15. Seyed Amir Hakamian, Summer Research Assistant, 05 – 08/2005.
  16. Ming Cheng, Visiting Scholar, 09/2005 – 07/2006.
  17. Yupeng Li, Research Assistant, 01/2006 – 09/2006.
  18. Ramesh Bansal, Summer Research Assistant, 05-08/2006.
  19. Xiaoming Fan, Research Assistant, 10/2006 – 08/2007.
  20. Ming Cheng, Research Assistant, 11/2006 – 04/2007.
  21. Wael Louis, NSERC Summer Research Assistant, 05 – 08/2007.
  22. Kambiz Jarrah, Research Assistant, 09/2006 – 10/2007.
  23. Long Ye, Visiting Scholar, 04/2007 – 03/2008.
  24. Chun-Hao Wang, Research Technologist, 05/2006 – current.
  25. Adrian Bulzacki, Research Technologist, 05/2007 – current.